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Coronovirus: One year later

It is hard to believe March 11, 2021 marked one year since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic, and a State of Emergency was declared here in the U.S.

We fully understand and reflect upon the challenges everyone has faced.  We extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your tremendous support during the most challenging year of our history.  As a proud 153-year-old company, we have experienced many obstacles before – but never a year like the one we have all just experienced.

From the beginning, our focus at TUV USA has been on putting all of our clients and their safety - as well as the safety of our employees - first. That commitment has never wavered; and never will.

Your support, calls, notes of appreciation for the care and service you received from our employees, inspectors and auditors have made a difference. Messages such as “Please hang in there - We miss you!” and notes from customers not cancelling audits, and working with our staff on transitioning to “remote audits” and finding options to keep their certifications was inspiring.

As we continue along the road to recovery, we will persist in our goals to be more resilient and more appreciative of those around us, and the meaningful work we all do for each other. These efforts to find solutions through collaboration, continue to motivate us, and give our teams the courage, drive and strength to push through to get all of us to the other side.

Even though there are challenges, uncertainties and obstacles ahead, I remain immensely hopeful and expect 2021 to be the year of opportunity to reconnect with the people and places we interact with as vaccinations continue, and our world safely reopens.

On behalf of TUV USA and our 15,000 employees worldwide, we thank you. To those of you who have worked with our staff during these last twelve months, thank you for trusting us. To those of you who are planning to expand your business, thank you for considering us. And to those of you who are unsure what your company will do moving forward, we welcome the opportunity to connect with you.

Your support and loyalty means more to all of us than you will ever know – thank you again for sticking with us. We look forward to being able to demonstrate how together we can make the world a safer place again very soon.




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