Secure Industry 4.0

Effective Risk Management for Industry 4.0

In the field of Automation and Manufacturing 4.0, digitalization continues to be the central subject for the future. Increased networking poses new and more comprehensive challenges for product safety. Important requirements such as the standardization of interfaces in production have not yet been conclusively met. Nevertheless, the process of digitalizing Industry 4.0 must be begun, continued and secured. Wherever machines or vehicles are automatically exchanging information, the identity of the end devices must be clearly determined, and all unauthorized influences (cyber-attacks) from outside must be avoided, so that the security of the system can continue to be guaranteed. The assessment of critical infrastructure is now required by legislation.

Two worlds grow together: Functional Safety and IT-Security

Through combined safety and security services, TÜV NORD has further developed its inspection and certification activities. To this end, the service portfolio covers all major fields of application:

  • Critical infrastructure: e.g. transport & travel (automotive, rail, aviation, shipping), energy, healthcare (medical products) etc.
  • The full range of automation technology
  • Safety-related components with interfaces to the internet (sensors, databases, communication modules etc.)
  • Private property with interfaces to the internet (consumer goods, smart home applications etc.)

Certification with technical competence all areas of Security and Safety

TÜV NORD has many years of expertise in the fields of functional safety and IT security. With combined risk and threat analysis, we supply our customers with sound tools for the assessment or management of the hazard situation. Our specialists support you in all matters relating to the practical verification and validation of the measures implemented, and accompany you throughout the process of implementation within your organization.