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Introducing TUV USA, Inc.’s New Training Loyalty Program

At TUV USA, Inc., customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal in every aspect of our business. Our training services play a key role in achieving this goal, providing our customers with the best quality and cost-effective training.

In this regard, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new Training Loyalty Program to reward our training customers who have taken our public training courses. This is a program that we believe has never been offered anywhere, making it a first not only for TUV USA, Inc., but also for our loyal customers.

How does it work?

When you take any of our public training courses in North America, we will keep track of all what you have actually spent in our Training Loyalty Program database. A certain percentage (i.e. 1%) of the training fees you paid for will be converted to our training dollar credits that you can use to redeem towards our future public training courses you will take.

Calculation Table
Training Fees you Actually Paid in $ x 0.01 = Training Dollar Credits


Training Payment Training  Conversion Rate to Training Dollars Training Dollars


$100,000.00                    .01                                              $1,000.00      

Terms and Conditions

1. This program only applies to individuals who attended and paid for any of our public training courses in USA and Canada and does not apply to individuals who attended and paid for any of our on-site public training courses.

2. When the training dollars are accumulated, it can only be redeemed towards next public training classes (classroom type training only) held in USA and Canada. TÜV USA, Inc. reserves the right to cancel any public training courses under any circumstances.

3. Training dollar will be entered into our Training Loyalty Program Database only after the training is fully completed and the full course payment is made. If the course fee is discounted, only the amount actually paid will be counted.

4. Partial redemption toward a training course is not allowed. This means that until the training dollars are accumulated to a certain amount being sufficient to be able to redeem toward an entire course fee for a public classroom training. Any remaining training dollar balance can stay in your account in our Training Loyalty Program Database for future use.

5. The training dollars can only be used toward future public classroom training courses and cannot be redeemed in cash payment.

6. The training dollars will be counted in US$ if the course fee is paid in US$. If the course fee is paid in CAD$, the training dollars will be counted in CAD$.

7. Training dollar credits will not expire except until this program is ended at TÜV USA, Inc.’s discretion.

8. This program will be effective from August 1, 2019. Any training completed before August 1, 2019 cannot be counted toward this program. TÜV USA, Inc. reserves the right to cancel this program anytime.


Should you have any questions about our Training Loyalty Program, please feel free to contact our Training Manager, Fanny Ho, at or at (416) 570-3282.

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