Metallographic Laboratory

Metallographic Laboratory

Metallography is a scientific discipline for the assessment of the structure of a material. The metallographic assessment provides information on the structure of a material, serves for control of manufacturing operations, e.g. for the material inspection after welding, heat treatment, forming, etc. It provides the necessary information on the condition of the material of the facility under operation, e.g. on a degree of influence caused by exceeding the prescribed operating temperatures. Metallography can be used to assess the condition of surface material layers, corrosion and erosion of a material, and to obtain data for the assessment of the suitability of the material for its use in a specific environment. Last but not least, the purity of materials, the steels in particular, can be assessed.

The Metallographic Laboratory is a part of the Testing Laboratories, which are accredited according to ČSN EN ISO / IEC 17025:2005 by the Czech Accreditation Institute / ČIA, o.p.s. (Accredited Testing Laboratories No. 1060).

Metallography is one of the approaches in complex assessment of materials including mechanical tests and chemical analysis of material composition (samples can be prepared in our Sample Preparation Room).

Main assessment areas:


    • of welded joints (steel, aluminium, and others)
    • of welded joints of plastics o of metal materials (defects)


    • of welded joints of metals (steel, aluminium, and others)
    • materials after heat treatment
    • materials after forming
    • castings and others


We also carry out assessments of:

• surface layers of metallic and inorganic materials, including determination of microhardness

• condition of material decarburization

• content of delta ferrite in welds – the only method of direct determination of delta ferrite content in metals, which is required for the assessment of welded joints used in nuclear energy

• delta ferrite content at the place of storage without sampling

• corrosion and erosion of operated construction materials

• corrosion resistance test (intergranular corrosion)

• porosity of aluminium castings

We also carry out diagnostics of the operated facilities in order to determine the causes of their damage.


Tests are carried out on different materials. The laboratory performs the assessment of the samples it prepares itself. However, a customer can provide a pre-prepared sample, which will be modified prior to the assessment. The Metallography Testing Laboratory in Brno carries out tests according to different national, European and international standards, i.e. EN, ISO, DIN, ASME, SA, CEN/TS, ASTM, ČSN, GOST, and others, and within the granted Type 1 flexibility can include updated standard methods (technical equivalents) to testing, provided a principle of measurement is maintained. Protocols with the results of the tests performed in the Mechanical Testing Laboratory are issued according to customer requirements in various language versions, e.g. English, German, Russian, etc.. Every year, the Testing Laboratories Brno participate in inter-laboratory comparative tests, thus demonstrating the high professional and technical standards of its services.

Our Testing Laboratories in Brno provide comprehensive services to their customers, including sample production. They are characterized by the individual approach to each customer. We help our customers solve their problems, and thanks to the extreme flexibility of our experts the range of tests offered to our customers encompass testing on “while-you-wait” basis as well as testing at specified individual dates. Testing Laboratories are independent, they provide their services to a number of different companies, inspection and certification bodies. Using the services provided by our Testing Laboratories, our customers can benefit financially not only from the interconnection with an extensive certification and inspection activity of TÜV NORD Czech, but mainly from the fact, that our Testing Laboratories ensure the quality control of input materials, production processes and finished products. This synergy is reflected in finance cost savings for our customers.

If you contact our Testing Laboratories in Brno, you will receive objective test results and protocols from a prestigious laboratory.


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Ing. Pavel Šohaj, Ph.D.
Vedoucí Metalografické laboratoře

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