Whistleblower Protection Information

In accordance with Act No. 171/2023 Coll., on Whistleblower Protection, as amended (hereinafter referred to as the "Act"), TÜV NORD Czech, s.r.o., ID No.: 45242330, with its registered office at Českomoravská 2420/15, 190 00 Prague 9, has set up an internal whistleblowing system for reporting possible infringements within the meaning of Section 2(1) of the Act on Whistleblower Protection, including the designation of a competent person under the Act

The competent person designated by TÜV NORD Czech, s.r.o. under the Whistleblower Protection Act is:

Representative competent person is designated:

According to the Act, a whistleblower is a natural person who can submit a notification using the internal notification system of the obliged entity.
The notification may be submitted through a competent person within the meaning of the Act:

  • electronically at the following email address: oznameni@tuev-nord.cz
  • in writing by post to the registered office of TÜV NORD Czech, s.r.o., company ID: 45242330, with registered office at Českomoravská 2420/15, 190 00 Prague 9, with the envelope clearly marked "DO NOT OPEN - WHISTLEBLOWING",
  • by telephone - to the competent person indicated above,
  • in person to the competent person, after prior agreement by telephone on the specific date and place of submission of the notification.

The whistleblower is also entitled to submit their notification through the external notification system managed by the Ministry of Justice https://oznamovatel.justice.cz/chci-podat-oznameni

The notification under the Act must also contain information on the name, surname and date of birth or other information from which the identity of the notifier can be inferred. The notification cannot be submitted anonymously. When submitting a notification, please provide as much detailed information as possible regarding the alleged violation.

TÜV NORD Czech, s.r.o. has not ruled out receiving notifications from a person who does not perform work or other similar activities for it within the meaning of Section 2(3)(a), (b), (h) or (i) of the Whistleblower Protection Act.

All information provided is secured against misuse, archived and stored in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (hereinafter referred to as GDPR) and other legislation governing the processing and protection of personal data.

Only the competent person is authorised to receive and process all information from the notification and in dealing with the problem in question, who will assess the notification in terms of its reasonableness and truthfulness and notify the notifier within the specified time limits and propose corrective measures to the obliged entity. The competent person is, of course, bound by confidentiality, including vis-à-vis 'his' obliged entity. The competent person shall inform the notifier of the receipt of the notification and of the manner in which it has been dealt with.

For further information, see:

•    Act No 171/2023 Coll. on the protection of whistleblowers: https://www.zakonyprolidi.cz/cs/2023-171 
•    Information for whistleblowers: https://oznamovatel.justice.cz/informace-pro-oznamovatel