Verification of greenhouse gas emissions

Greenhouse gases

We offer services in the field of verification of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions according to Act No. 383/2012 Coll., as amended, including Annex I and in accordance with Annex I of COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No. 600/2012 of 21 June 2012 on the verification of greenhouse gas emission reports and tonne-kilometre reports and accreditation of verifiers pursuant to Directive 2003/87/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, for activities:

Activity group No.

Scope of accreditation and authorisation


Combustion of fuels in installations where only standard commercial fuels as defined in Regulation (EU) No 601/2012 are used or where natural gas is used in Category A or B installations


Combustion of fuels in the plant without restrictions


Refining of mineral oils


  • Coke production
  • Pražení nebo slinování kovové rudy (včetně sirníkové rudy), včetně peletizace
  • Výroba surového železa nebo oceli (z prvotních nebo druhotných surovin), včetně kontinuálního lití


  • Manufacture or processing of ferrous metals (including ferroalloys)
  • Production of secondary aluminium
  • Production or processing of non-ferrous metals including production of alloys


  • Manufacture of cement clinker
  • Manufacture of lime or calcination of dolomite or magnesite
  • Manufacture of glass, including fibreglass
  • Manufacture of ceramic products by firing
  • Manufacture of mineral wool insulation material
  • Drying or calcination of gypsum or manufacture of plasterboard and other products made of gypsum


  • Manufacture of pulp of wood or other fibrous materials
  • Production of paper or paperboard


  • Black carbon production
  • Ammonia production
  • Manufacturing of organic chemicals by cracking, reforming, partial or total oxidation or similar processes
  • Production of hydrogen (H2) and synthesis gas by reforming or partial oxidation
  • Production of sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) and sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3)


  • Production of nitric acid (CO2 and N2O emissions)
  • Production of adipic acid (CO2 and N2O emissions)
  • Production of glyoxal and glyoxylic acid (CO2 and N2O emissions)
  • Production of caprolactam


Other activities pursuant to Article 10a of Directive 2003/87/EC (change in activity level, change in capacity)

In this area we are accredited by the CIA and authorized by the Ministry of the Environment. The verification methodology is based on the document ČSN EN ISO 14065:2013, NK 600/2012 and other related documents and consists of conducting a strategic, risk and process analysis of the activities at the designated facility. If you are interested in verification, please complete and submit the verification request.

In cooperation with the parent company, we perform verification (validation and verification) of flexible mechanism projects (JI/CDM projects).

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