Certification Professional Waste Management Enterprise is a professional certification in waste management, issued since 2003 by the Professional Waste Management Enterprise Certification Association (SUCO)
The certification is recognised in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and now also in Slovakia and Switzerland. The certification covers the requirements of ISO standards (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001), with particular emphasis on meeting legal requirements in the field of waste management. In contrast to ISO standards, it provides conclusive proof of compliance with the obligations to take care of your waste.

During the certification process, the compliance with the Waste Act, the way of management, the optimization of processes in the company, the existence and validity of official decisions (e.g. concession documents, disposal permits), etc. are evaluated.

Benefits of SUCO certification:

1) increase the chances / condition for:

  • municipal and city tenders for waste collection
  • issuing a permit for the operation of a waste recovery, disposal, collection or redemption facility
  • issuing a permit for the operation of a facility for the collection and/or treatment of car wrecks
  • higher payments from municipalities and cities for packaging recycling

2) differentiation of solid companies even for non-experts in waste management

3) reducing the possibilities of fraud in waste management

4) reducing administration

5) lower costs than ISO certifications

6) verification of technical equipment and insurance against environmental damage

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