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As part of the personnel certification we carry out certification of personnel for NDT in accordance with EN ISO 9712 and ISO 20807 and certification of personnel for permanent joining (welders, solders and operators) in accordance with EN 287-1, EN ISO 9606-1,2,3,4,5; EN 1418, EN ISO 14732 and EN 13585.

TÜV NORD Czech, s.r.o. – the Certification Body for the personnel certification carries out its activities in compliance with its Quality & Impartiality Policy.

Claims, complaints and appeals are governed by this procedure of the Certification Body.

Inquiries regarding validation of issued certificates shall be submitted to the employees of the Certification Body listed below:

For NDT:

Petra Princová

Českomoravská 240/15, 190 00 Praha

+420 296 587 234

For welding:

Gabriela Bulatová

Pohraniční 23, 703 00 Ostrava

+420 595 955 060

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