Suppliers development

Cooperation support between our customers and their suppliers

For the further development of suppliers, it is advantageous to use cooperation with a so-called "third party", i.e. a company that has extensive experience not only in the field of system and process audits, but also audits specifically focused on mapping the situation at suppliers and proposing a procedure for their further improvement.

The certification company TÜV NORD Czech s.r.o. offers support for the supplier development process.

Part of the process is assistance in the development of specific requirements for the supplier management system and analysis of the current state of fulfillment of specific requirements. Proposal of corrective measures and longer-term monitoring of their implementation (both documentary and on-site investigation).

Support for supplier development is provided through direct cooperation and auditing of suppliers and implemented in the following phases:

Phase 1

Analysis of documents and familiarisation with supplier requirements

Phase 2

Creation of a specific checklist for the supplier audit

Phase 3

Conduct a supplier audit and process the results:

  • audit results in relation to the check-list
  • a partial SWOT analysis indicating opportunities and threats
  • recommendations for further cooperation with the supplier
  • an action plan for dealing with the supplier's situation

Phase 4

Working together to promote and implement action plans

Phase 5

Analysis of improvement results achieved, preparation of possible ideas for further development of the supplier

The employees of TŰV NORD Czech s.r.o. have considerable experience in this area, resulting not only from many audits carried out within the framework of management system certification processes, but also from projects in the area of supplier development process that have already been implemented.

Of course, the qualification of these employees in the field of EAC, where we are able to cover the vast majority of them.

The coverage of the Czech Republic by a number of our sites is also a great advantage, which significantly saves costs and transport time.

Our staff are also linguistically equipped and have experience of audits abroad.

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