Mechanical Testing Laboratory

Mechanical Testing Laboratory and Sample Preparation Room

The Mechanical Testing Laboratory is a part of Testing Laboratories which are accredited according to ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 by the Czech Accreditation Institute / ČIA, o.p.s.. (Authorized Testing Laboratories No. 1060). Certificate of Accreditation valid until August 1, 2027 (See the Certificate of Accreditation). The Mechanical Testing Laboratory carries out mechanical tests to determine the mechanical properties of metals, alloys and welds at normal, elevated or low temperatures or after accelerated aging. It also performs mechanical tests of welds of plastics. Further tests necessary for the evaluation of these materials are provided by the Metallography and the Analytical Chemistry Laboratory.


Tensile testing (according to ČSN EN ISO 6892-1, ČSN EN ISO 6892-2, ASME CODE Section II, SA-370, GOST 1497, GOST 10006 at:

• room temperature

• low temperature to -60 °C

• elevated temperature up to 800 °C

• after accelerated aging

 Pendulum impact testing for steels, cast irons, welds, alloys (ČSN ISO 148-1, GOST 9454) at:

• room temperature

• low temperature

• elevated temperature

• after accelerated aging

Testing of concrete steels and welds of concrete steels of all joints (supporting, non-supporting), including verified graphic record (tensile test, shear test, bend test). Bending test of steel, cast irons, welds by bending (ČSN EN ISO 7438, ASME CODE Section IX, QW-160, GOST 14019). Hardness testing of materials (ČSN EN ISO 6506-1, ČSN EN ISO 6508-1, ČSN EN ISO 6507-1, GOST 9012, GOST 9013, GOST 2999) according to

• Brinell

• Rockwell

• Vickers

Shear strength test of steels, cast irons and alloys (ČSN 42 0342). Upsetting test of steels, cast irons and alloys (ČSN 42 0426). Technological tests of steel and cast iron pipes (ČSN EN ISO 8492, ČSN EN ISO 8493, ČSN EN ISO 8495, ČSN EN ISO 8496, ASME CODE Section II, SA-450, SA-450 M, SA-370).

• Tube flattening test

• Squeeze tube testing

• Tube ring flattening test

• Tube ring tensile test

Tensile testing, bending test of welds of plastics, tensile testing of textile straps (ČSN EN 12814-1, ČSN EN 12814-2, ČSN EN ISO 527-1, ČSN EN 565)

• Determination of tensile strength and bending test of welds of plastics

• Determination of short-term welding factor

• Determination of tensile strengths of climbing equipment – straps

Apart from this scope of accreditation, we carry out testing of guaranteed tightening torque on welded bolts and nuts, or the torque wrench tightening within a range from 20 to 250 Nm.

Tests are carried out on various materials (steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals, aluminium, plastics, textile straps, etc.). The Testing Laboratory also prepares fixture for sample testing according to the customer requirements, e.g. screws, etc. We kindly ask you to provide for atypical samples as much information as possible about the sample to help us give you the best advice.

The Mechanical Testing Laboratory in Brno carries out tests according to different national, European and international standards, i.e. EN, ISO, DIN, ASME, SA, CEN/TS, ASTM, ČSN, and others, and within the granted Type 1 flexibility can include updated standard methods (technical equivalents) to testing, provided a principle of measurement is maintained. Protocols with the results of the tests performed in the Mechanical Testing Laboratory are issued according to customer requirements in various language versions, e.g. English, German, Russian, etc.

Every year, the Testing Laboratories Brno participates in inter-laboratory comparative tests, thus demonstrating the high professional and technical standards of its services. The individual certificates of participation in inter-laboratory comparative tests are listed here.

Our Testing Laboratories in Brno provide comprehensive service to their customers, including sample production. They are characterized by the individual approach to each customer. We help our customers solve their problems, and thanks to the extreme flexibility of our experts the range of tests offered to our customers encompass testing on “while-you-wait” basis as well as testing at specified individual dates. Testing Laboratories are independent, they provide their services to a number of different companies, inspection and certification bodies.

Using the services provided by our Testing Laboratories, our customers can benefit financially not only from the interconnection with an extensive certification and inspection activity of TÜV NORD Czech, but mainly from the fact, that our Testing Laboratories ensure the quality control of input materials, production processes and finished products. This synergy is reflected in finance cost savings for our customers.

If you contact our Testing Laboratories in Brno, you will receive objective test results and protocols from a prestigious laboratory.
Most frequently we perform mechanical tests on the following materials:

• Tubular materials

• Welds

• Concrete steel, requirements according to ČSN 42 0139, ČSN EN ISO 15630-1, ČSN EN ISO 15630-2

• Bolts, requirements according to ČSN EN ISO 14555

• Mouldings

• Forgings

• Rolled profiles

• Thin and thick-walled sheets

• Wires

• Screws

• Rivets, etc.


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