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ISO 14001 Certification

Identification of environmental aspects of all activities, products, services that have an impact on the environment, their management, monitoring and continuous improvement of the environmental performance of the organization – these are the main requirements of the international standard ISO 14001. It is focused on management of corporate environmental protection and is applicable in any organization. The standard forms part of a set of process-oriented international standards. Their requirements can be easily integrated.  

The certification is divided in two stages. The Stage 1 includes evaluation of the management documentation and assessment of the degree of preparedness of the implemented organization system for the certification. The Stage 2 consists of verification of the fulfilment of all ISO 14001 requirements in practice.

A stand-alone certificate is issued after the certification audit has been completed to confirm the compliance with all the ISO 14001 requirements and its applicable mandatory obligations. The audit can be planned separately or as an integrated audit with other management system audits.




The validity of all certificates issued according to ISO 14001:2004 expires on September 14, 2018.

(The September 14, 2018 deadline means that new certificates must be issued by this date, i.e. audits must be conducted in good time prior to this deadline).

The transition period for ISO 14001:2004 is designated in such a manner, to ensure that starting March 15, 2018 all the environmental management system audits MUST be carried out according to a new revision of the standard! The transition according to the standard amendment can also be conducted not only during the recertification, but also within the scope of the surveillance audit. The validity period of an issued certificate will be identical with the original certificate.



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