BRC CP (Consumer Products)

The new BRC CP standards have a broader scope and can be used by raw material producers and companies trading products in 21 product categories in addition to end product manufacturers.
The approach of the BRC CP standards is based on risk management and is in line with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22716:2007 standards for good manufacturing practice.

The new BRC CP standards are designed to meet the purchasing expectations of retailers and contract manufacturers and are divided into a Personal Care and Household Products standard (BRC CP PCH) and a General Merchandise standard (BRC CP GM).
Both standards define the requirements for the manufacture and supply of safe and legal consumer products of consistent quality. Products can be private label, branded or unbranded, intended for use by other organisations.

The BRC CP PCH standard for Personal Care and Household (PCH) products reflects the requirements for greater control of production processes, storage and risk management, including potential product contamination.
The standard applies to the manufacture of raw materials (not packaging) and finished products intended for business or for retail sale to consumers, including contract manufacturing activities and activities related to the assembly or packaging of consumer products.
The standard applies to the manufacture of cosmetic products, household chemicals, cosmetic wipes, toilet paper, food foils, sachets and other products listed in Annex 2 of the BRC CP.
The BRC CP PCH standard does not apply to activities relating to wholesale, import, distribution or external storage (which is not under the direct control of the manufacturer).
The standard does not apply directly to importers (it cannot be used to assess their processes), but importers may require their manufacturers to comply with the BRC HPC standard so that they can meet their own obligation to import safe and legal products.

The BRC CP GM (General Merchandise) standard for trading products reflects higher requirements for design approval, product safety and process control.
The standard is intended for manufactured non-food products placed on the consumer market - in other words, products sold or passed on to consumers. It can also be applied to companies producing raw materials or components for consumer products (not packaging). BRC CP GM covers products such as clothing, hair accessories, furniture, building materials, electrical appliances, household goods, toys and cookware. See Annex 2 of the BRC CP for further information.

Both BRC CP standards (BRC CP PCH and BRC CP GM) can be certified at Foundation level and Higher level.
Foundation level certification applies to manufacturers or retailers who can demonstrate lower risk products, simple processes or operations in developing areas.
Certified products have minimum regulatory and quality safety requirements, lower requirements for the processes performed, regulatory documentation and records kept. Basic level certification must demonstrate control of manufacturing processes.
Audits usually last 1 day, and the manufacturer or vendor receives a certificate of successful completion.

Higher level certification is for higher risk products manufactured or purchased. A certified company must demonstrate compliance for higher risk products and processes, a fully documented quality management system, and demonstrable control of well-documented processes and records based on risk assessment and management.
Audits usually take 2 days, the manufacturer or vendor receives a certificate with a successful audit evaluation.

The BRC CP PCH and BRC CP GM certification covers 7 areas of requirements for both levels:

  1. Management Commitments
  2. Product risk management
  3. Product safety and quality management
  4. Hygiene and sanitation
  5. Product inspection and testing
  6. Process Control
  7. Staff

The BRC CP requirements for the Foundation and Higher levels of certification are clearly defined in both standards.

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