Nuclear facilities

Nuclear facilities

Nuclear facilities are defined by Act No. 263/2016 Coll., the Atomic Act:

  • Structures and operational units that include a nuclear reactor using a nuclear reaction.
  • facilities for the production, processing, compression and storage of nuclear materials, except uranium ore processing plants and uranium concentrate storage facilities
  • radioactive waste repositories, except repositories containing only natural radionuclides
  • installations for the storage of radioactive waste whose activity exceeds the values laid down in the implementing regulation

Nuclear installations (in particular nuclear power plants) are made up of systems and components that are relevant to different groups of legislation (Act No. 22/97 Coll. on Technical Requirements for Products and related NVs, Act No. 263/2016 Coll. on Atomic Energy and related implementing decrees of the Atomic Energy Agency.

Components and systems categorised as selected equipment for nuclear installations must be subject to conformity assessment according to the SUJB Decree No. 358/2016 Coll. Other components and systems are covered by the general legislation i.e. the relevant government regulations under Act No. 22/1997 Coll. as amended.

Conformity assessment of the so-called selected equipment and its parts and materials is carried out by an authorized person AO 248, which is authorized for this purpose by the ÚNMZ.
TÜV NORD Czech, s.r.o. is authorised for all conformity assessment procedures and other acts according to the Decree of the SAJB No. 358/2016 Coll. on requirements for quality assurance and technical safety and assessment and verification of conformity of selected equipment.
The conformity assessment system is very similar to that of pressure equipment under Directive 2014/68/EU (see pressure equipment), with the difference that this is an area not harmonised with European law and therefore it is not possible to fully transfer the competences of authorised persons to other companies in the European Union.

In addition to the activities of an authorised person in this area, we also carry out inspection activities, assessment and certification of manufacturers' competence according to the specific scope of production (company's production programme) and according to the related legal legislation and according to the technical regulations (technical codes) used.

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