Inspections of materials and semi-finished products

Materials and semi-finished products

We perform the inspections in accordance with the accreditation granted and within the scope and types of products as follows:

  • Metallurgical materials and semi-finished products made of metallic materials for use in engineering, energy, construction, petrochemicals, transport and forwarding, for lifting equipment and power exchange and conversion equipment.
  • Rolled and drawn metal materials – metal structural profiles, sheets, tapes, rods, wires, etc. (rolled and drawn metal materials),
  • Metal pipes (seamless and welded), castings, forgings, mouldings, pipe bends, flanges, bodies of the fittings, engines, drives and machines, tubular metal semi-finished products, containers, weldments, workpieces
  • Parts for detachable joints of pressure systems – bolts, nuts and studs.

Aforementioned inspections are carried out in accordance with the technical conditions agreed and technical regulations stipulated in the contract between the manufacturer and the customer. If it is necessary to carry out an inspection also in accordance with the requirements of a binding legal regulation (e.g. Decree No. 358/2016 Coll. for nuclear facilities), such inspection is carried out within the validity of the relevant authorization. Outputs of technical inspections of materials and semi-finished products are documented by the acceptance protocols according to ČSN EN 10204.

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