Certification GMP+

GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance (GMP+ FSA)

This procedure has been developed for suppliers of animal feed producers.

It is a system of standards for the area of the feed chain, especially for the Netherlands, but very strongly expanding to the countries of the EU and North and South America. There are a number of standards containing requirements for the cultivation of plant commodities, through their processing and further use in the feed sector, or the use of waste from food production in feed, the production of additives, and transport.

The GMP + Feed Safety Assurance (GMP + FSA) system of standards was created by the Dutch association PDV - an association of organizations in the feed industry, including fattening animals. Since 2010, this system has been managed by GMP + International.

The intention of GMP + standards is Feed for Food. In other words to ensure the health safety of all stages of the feed chain. The last major update of the basic standards took place in 07/2018, but in fact the standards and related documents are updated constantly.

Outside the Netherlands, the following standards are widespread:

  • GMP + B1 Production, trade and services
  • GMP + B2 Production of feed ingredients
  • GMP + B3 Trade, collection, storage and transshipment
  • GMP + B4 Transport

After the certification audit, a separate certificate is issued for each location.



Starting on March 6, 2020, our company obtained its own accreditation for GMP + certification from the Czech Accreditation Institute (CIA).

Based on our own Czech accreditation, we can offer you certification according to GMP + B2 for the production of feed materials, GMP + B3 for trade in feed and storage and transshipment of feed, GMP + B4 for road transport and affreightment of road transport and newly also:

  • GMP + B1 for production of compound feed and feed materials
  • GMP+ BCN CEE for production of compound feed (additional requirements for Central and Eastern Europe)
  • GMP+ BCN DE1 QM Milch production and delivery of dairy cattle feed to German market  



Czech versions of selected documents are also published on the website


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