Certification GMP+

GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance (GMP+ FSA)

This procedure has been developed for suppliers to animal feed companies.
It is a system of standards for the feed chain, primarily for EU countries, and is progressively expanding in Asia, North and South America. A number of standards have been developed covering requirements for the cultivation of plant commodities, their processing and further use in the feed sector, or the use of food waste in the feed industry, additive production and transport.

The GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance (GMP+ FSA) system of standards has been developed by the Dutch PDV - an association of organisations in the feed industry, including feed mills. Since 2010, the system has been managed by GMP+ International.
The intent of the GMP+ standards is Feed for Food. Or ensuring the health safety of all stages of the feed chain.

The most recent update of these standards took place in 2022, when the new scheme = GMP+ 2020 was implemented and all companies have to go under the new scheme. In addition to the extension / clarification of some requirements, there has been a major reorganisation of the structure of the documents / standards.

We currently offer certifications according to these norms / standards of the new GMP+ 2020 scheme:

  • Compound feed production
  • Production of feed materials
  • Feed trading
  • Feed storage and handling
  • Road transport of feed including forwarding
  • QM - Milch (production and supply of feed for dairy cattle on the German market)

After a certification audit, a separate certificate is issued for each plant.


Czech versions of selected documents are also published on the website


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