One-stop Service, Multi Certifications

  1. Renewable Energy
  2. Wind Energy
  3. One-stop Service, Multi Certifications


As a member of IECEE-CB scheme, widely recognized report and certificate. From project evaluation, management systems building, to quality management and control, supplier management, products improvement and optimization, global market access analysis. What we do is to help company better growth.


Customized Service based on Market Demand

  • Wind Turbine Technical Improvement Evaluation
  • Wind Turbine Life-extension
  • Conditioning Monitor System Evaluation and Certification CMS
  • Site Assessment / Risk analysis / CFD
  • 2nd and 3rd Party Inspections
  • Load Extrapolation acc. to IEC 61400-1 Ed.3
  • TBA/PBA Evaluation for Wind Turbines and Wind Farm
  • Compliance with Local Grid Codes/LVRT Measurements
  • Assessment of Grid Connection Concepts and Power Quality Measurement
  • Assessment of Functional Safety
  • Geotechnical Consultancy
  • Foundation Design Consultancy for Wind Turbines
  • Consulting of Global Marketing Regulation

Mr. Vincent Zhu

General Manager
Renewable Energy, Wind Energy


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