Indian Boiler Regulation (IBR)

Indian Boiler Regulation (IBR)

Background and Scopes of Application

If products like boilers, pressure vessels, pipings, valves and raw materials which are used for boilers or associated components (plates, bars, castings, forgings), need to be exported to the Indian market, they have to be inspected and certified by an Inspecting Authority according to IBR (Indian Boiler Regulations), which is about design review, material inspection, inspection during construction, on-site installation and erection inspection, In-Service Inspection and register. Meanwhile, manufacturers should provide relevant kinds of IBR FORM about all kinds of manufacturing, installation and material certifications according to IBR, through which can be approved after an Inspecting Authority’s sign and stamp.

IBR is applied in various boiler pressure vessel manufacturers and closed vessel, piping, valve, safety pressure fitting and materials applied in steam systems of boiler and pressure vessel, etc.

Our Services

  • Design review and product shop inspection for boilers and pressure vessels according to IBR
  • Verify the pipes, valves and raw materials that will be used in boilers and pressure vessels
  • Inspection during construction
  • Approved Procedure Qualification Record (PQR) & Welder Certificate (WPQ)
  • Endorse IBR FORM

Why to choose TÜV NORD?

  • TÜV NORD is the most authoritative and most famous EU Directive Certification, which has a good reputation in the industry.
  • With the help of TÜV NORD scale and other inspection and certification services in China, TÜV NORD can provide you one-stop integrated service with other product & CE certification.

Your Benefits at a Glance

  • IBR supports manufacturers, who produce boiler pressure vessels, pipings, fittings and valves with a higher quality standard by knowing and mastering IBR standard, and promote their own capability.
  • IBR is a compulsory certification if the products need to enter the Indian market, which can help your equipments to enter Indian Market freely
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