Functional Safety (Industry 4.0)

Functional Safety (Industry 4.0)

Functional Safety

In a variety of industries, more and more mechanical parts getting replaced or monitored by electronic components, increasing the overall number of electronic elements and systems in use. In addition, networking, interaction, complexity and safety requirements are becoming even more complex. As an answer to these new technological challenges, IEC 61508 provides the generic international standard for safety-related electrical, electronic and programmable electronic systems. Systems as a whole have to fulfill the required Safety Integrity Level (SIL) of the safety function over their entire lifecycle.

The right decisions with regard to safety structures, drafting procedures, tools and early validation of developments and designs help to reduce development time and costs.

Fields of application

  • Machine engineering (EN ISO 13849 and EN IEC 62061)
  • Automotive (ISO 26262)
  • Railway Technology (CENELEC)
  • Process Engineering (EN 61511 and EN 50156)

Our Services

Assessment on the basics of functional safety standards

  • Planning the activities for evaluating functional safety
  • Evaluating and monitoring adherence to the safety program plan (SPP or safety plan)
  • Evaluating the system description and the completeness of the defined safety goals
  • Evaluating the technical safety concept for reducing risks
  • Evaluating the functional safety management (FSM)
  • Evaluating the qualification of the employees or persons with specific tasks
  • Evaluating the defined activities for production and operation

Consultations for all questions dealing with functional safety

  • Discovering gaps in the process and implementing the required add-ons
  • Creation of safety concepts
  • Conception of safety solutions
  • Interpretation of national and international standards
  • Creation of user information
  • Optimization of system structures


  • Coaching during the creation of the safety requirements specification, implementation of a Functional Safety Management system - FSM
  • Coaching for tool-based probabilistic SIL verification during the development process (FMEDA, FTA, Markov)

Notified Body Services

  • Conformity assessment procedures

Why to choose TÜV NORD?

  • TÜV NORD is a global leader in the field of independent safety and related technology services, we have well known reputation especially in the industry field.
  • TÜV NORD supports you in the proper application of the generic safety standard IEC 61508 and/or relevant application-related standards so you can demonstrate the required due care and the use of the state of technology.
  • With the help of TÜV NORD scale and other inspection and certification services in China, TÜV NORD can provide you one-stop integrated service with other product and CE certification.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Protection of people and the environment
  • Maximized transparency of your safety equipment and optimization of structures
  • Avoidance of accidents, incidents and failures at the plant
  • Regulatory compliance