ISCC Certified Biomass and Bioenergy

ISCC Certified Biomass and Bioenergy

Biomass is already one of the most important sources for renewable energy and as an essential alternative to fossil fuels crucial for a climate friendly energy supply.

According to the European Reneweable Energy Directive (2009/28/EC) biomass for use as biofuel or bioenergy must be produced sustainably. The Directive sets relevant requirements to limit negative impacts. Germany, as the first EU member state, transferred the European Directive with two ordinances into national legislation. The ordinances apply to all biomass that is to be used for biofuels or bioenergy as from January 1st, 2011.

ISCC Security Through Certification

  • ISCC is the first international certification system that can be used to prove sustainability and greenhouse gas savings for all kinds of biomass and bioenergy. As more than 250 stakeholders from Europe, America and Southeast Asiacontributed to its development, ISCC guarantees a high practical orientation and cost efficiency.
  • ISCC describes the rules and regulations of the certification process that is orientated towards the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, sustainable use of land and the protection of the natural habits. ISCC-certified biomass shall not be produced on land with high biodiversity value, high carbon stock and peat land. Areas with high conservation valu are also excluded. The ISCC seal proves that biomass was produced in an environmentally friendly way. ISCC also covers social sustainability principles and thus provides more security for companies.
  • The ISCC scheme documents the production of bioenergy with a mass balance system along the complete supply chain - starting at the farm or plantation, towards the mineral oil companies, power plant-operators or other users. The ISCC certificate is a reliable and persistent proof that biomass was produced according to European and German sustainability legislations.

Certification Process

  • The audits will be carried out by independent certification bodies. They check the sustainability with the help of clear audit procedures and checklists. All recognized certification bodies which cooperate with ISCC are listed on the ISCC homepage.
  • The ISCC greenhouse gas balance system records how much greenhouse gases are saved through the certified bioenergy compared to fossil fuels. For easier handling in the field, ISCC developed manuals, forms and calculation tools available in the client login section on the website.

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The ISCC assets at a glance

  • ISCC is recognized by the European Commission for all member countries without restriction. ISCC is also recognized by Germany and the Netherlands.
  • ISCC is a reliable proof for the compliance with the European Renewable Energy Directive (EU RED) respectively the German Sustainability Ordinances (BioNachV). It is based on experience, cost efficient and effective.
  • ISCC is a global scheme covering all kinds of biomass and is applicable in the German and European market and abroad.
  • ISCC is an all-inclusive service for companies, easing national and international trade.
  • ISCC provides more security for companies. It also covers sustainability issues at no or marginal additional costs.
  • ISCC's balanced stakeholder representation guarantees transparent processes and thus credibility in the public perception. This provides long-term security for companies using ISCC.