ISO 14001 Environment Management

ISO 14001 Environment Management

A boost in image and better market position

The ever increasing environmental awareness among the public makes this topic increasingly important for companies as well: Companies that document their environmentally aware actions will improve their image and strengthen their market position. Companies benefit in many ways from implementing an environmental management system.


  • Their competitiveness increases 
  • The positive outward effect and additional publicity help to open up new markets 
  • There is a potential for savings due to the reduction of disposal costs and lowering of insurance premiums 
  • The risk of damage is reduced and legal security is increased 
  • Documentation obligations are met and liability risks are ruled out

The company's processes improve: Companies that have set up a management system can also use these structures for occupational health and safety. With shared certification, you save costs and increase the efficiency of systems that are linked together. We provide certification as per ISO 14001 (worldwide acceptance) and EMAS (EC eco-audit with Europe-wide acceptance). ISO 14001 is aimed at the company-specific setting up and certification of environmental management systems. Because it contains the requirements for a workplace environmental management system, it significantly contributes to the long-term and continuous further development of businesses and companies.

Energy Efficiency

The important elements of ISO 14001 are
  • Environmental policy
  • Planning
  • Implementation and execution
  • Checks and corrective measures
  • Evaluation by upper management

If the goal is validation as per EMAS, then, besides the above-mentioned points, an environmental check (i.e. a documented initial inventory) must be carried out and an environmental declaration must be created.

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