Electrical Product Safety

Electrical Product Safety

Background and Scopes of Application

With the continuous development of society, lamps and lanterns, communication equipment, household appliances, electric tools, such as the rising popularity of modern electronic and electrical products, bring convenience to people at the same time also contributed to the deterioration of electromagnegic environment, all kinds of electronic equipment interference, serious when can't normal operation. According to the above phenomenon, the European commission made the electromagnetic compatibility directive, enter the European market of electronic and electrical products must be in accordance with the relevant requirement of the directive.

Why to choose TÜV NORD?

  • TÜV NORD is a well-established and reliable partner for inspection and certification services
  • Our experts and auditors have extensive knowledge based on experience, this guarantees independence and neutrality means we can offer continuity in supporting you
  • Our experts accompany and support the development of your products and provided you with objective feedback

Our Services

TÜV Baumuster

TÜV Baumuster mark is a unique safety mark for components. It's a widely recognized voluntary certification mark for components. This safety mark applies to all critical components to be built-in, incorporated or integrated into finished products. These components should be tested according to its relevant standards to ensure its safeness and quality. The mark applies to products such as switches, thermostats, transformers, motors, relays, connectors, electronic ballasts, controllers, plugs and sockets etc. It is an excellent sales tool as customers, in particular in Germany, know and trust it.


CE stands for European Community. The mark enables manufacturers to show that their products comply with the relevant European Directives. CE certified products can be sold and distributed throughout the entire EU without any additional national approvals. This removes considerable trade obstacles. The importer is responsible for the conformity and mark of products manufactured outside the EU.


Since 1977 the GS mark for "Tested Safety" has been the only mark in Europe testifying to voluntary compliance with product safety as regulated by law. The GS mark is based on the German Product and Equipment Safety Act (GPSG).


Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) plays a key role in ensuring that electrical devices and equipment not only function perfectly alone, but also harmonize with each other. The law demands that certain standards have to be fulfilled, EMC is also a central quality characteristic for product manufacturers.


Due to Concerns raised over possible health issue, countries of European Union draw up the limitation of exposure of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) to general public. LVD covers this requirements, therefore when customer applies for LVD certificate of compliance, EMF requirements should be assessed and listed in the certificates.

Energy Efficiency

Many energy-related products have a significant potential for being improved in order to reduce environmental impacts and to achieve energy savings through better design which also leads to economic savings for business and end-users.

Pre-shipment Inspection

When European importers need reassurance on the quality standard of the goods after coming off the production line, they will ask a third party to implement the inspection for them. This pre-shipment inspection takes place either at the manufacturers' site or at the port prior to shipment. TÜV NORD provides local auditors to evaluate the goods. Our auditors do the inspection according to the AQL level, the sample plan and a specification checklist specified by the client.

CB Scheme

Electrical appliances must have been tested before they can be sold. This is self-evident, but international suppliers are often confronted with a marathon of different tests. Even if an appliance has already been certified as safe the supplier often has to undergo the same testing procedure in another country. CB certification by TÜV NORD shortens this procedure because the certificate is internationally valid, thereby saving manufacturer's time and money.

INMETRO Certification

BRTÜV is a product certification body (OCP) register under INMETRO (Brazilian National Accreditation Body) under the number OCP-0016.

TÜV NORD issues the devices (House Hold), plugs and outlets, adapters, switches, cables and cords.

Products Scope

Household Appliance

Vacuum cleaners, electric irons, refrigerators, kettles, charger, glue guns etc.


  • Fixed luminaries, portable luminaires, garden luminaires, street luminaires, lighting chains, energy saving lamp and LED lamp etc.
  • Components: lamp holder, ballast, couplers, LED driver etc.


Micro motor, AC motors, DC motors etc.


portable transformer, fixed transformer, stationary transformer, switch mode power, supply, power supply etc.

IT Equipment

Computers, printers, copiers, fax machines, scanners, data circuit terminal equipment etc.


PV inverter, frequency converter for wind turbine etc.

Welding Machine

Arc welding machines, plasma arc cutting machine, welding cable coupling device, AC welder, welding clamp, welding torch etc.


Relay, thermal fuse, automatic controller, switch, electro-mechanical contactors, elelctronic security systems etc.

Power Tool

Electric drill, angle grinder, table saws, grinders chain saws, shredder, electric drill etc.

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