TÜV NORD China forms part of the TÜV NORD GROUP, with a workforce of more than 10,000, we are one of the world's largest technical service providers.


Safety, reliability, neutrality - the TÜV brand enjoys an excellent reputation globally among customers and business partners. The TÜV NORD GROUP has also committed itself to providing "Excellence for your Business". TÜV® is a registered trademark of the TÜV organizations and the TÜV Association e.V. (VdTÜV). It is the hallmark of the TÜV companies and may only be used by a German Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV) or a TÜV subsidiary company. All over the world it stands for safety, reliability, neutrality. The TÜV NORD GROUP supplements the three attributes above with internationality, quality, responsibility, future orientation and excellence. The brand's roots are the traditional Dampfkessel Überwachungsvereinen (DÜV - Steam Boiler Monitoring Associations), which were subsequently renamed the German Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV). From 1869 on, the DÜV began to monitor the operational safety of steam boilers independently and professionally. The state transferred additional safety-related tasks step-by-step to the DÜV – for example the general roadworthiness test (MOT) of motor vehicles. In order to guarantee the value of the brand over the long term, the German Technical Inspection Agencies established the TÜV Markenverbund ("Brand Network") e.V. in 2010, whose headquarters are in Berlin. The brand network supports its members in exercising its rights to the TÜV brand. Learn more about the history and responsibility of the TÜV NORD GROUP.



For over 140 years we have been developing economic solutions and innovations on an excellent level. Skills and a practised corporate culture make us a strong and reliable partner.

Trust, dignity, conscientiousness and social cooperation: employees of the TÜV NORD GROUP adhere to these four fundamental values of business ethics in their dealings with one another, with their partners and clients. All of their actions and thinking is based on the underlying values of in-dependence, responsibility and integrity.

With their skills and commitment, every employee makes a sustainable contribution to the success of the TÜV NORD GROUP and its clients. The orientation on the four fundamental values guarantees an increased feeling of security for ourselves and our clients and partners: we gain trust through competent, reliable and appropriate actions. Our respectful treatment of ethical convictions helps us to meet our responsibility for people, the environment and technology. The appreciation of each individual – also independently of their function – harmonises corporate goals and social togetherness. Our values determine the hallmarks of the TÜV brand.

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The success of TÜV NORD GROUP is rooted in traditional steam boiler inspection organizations (DÜV). In 1869, these organizations made a voluntary commitment to undertake expert independent inspection of steam boilers in order to guarantee their safety. Step by step, the state transferred further safety-related tasks to these organizations, which later became known as technical inspection associations (TÜV); one particularly important area was the periodic inspection of motor vehicles.

Since the very first test of a steam boiler, TÜV NORD GROUP has developed step by step into the international technology service provider that it is today. With its acquisition of DMT and ALTER TECHNOLOGY Group, TÜV NORD GROUP has also gained a unique position in the areas of natural resources and aerospace.

Milestones in the development of TÜV NORD GROUP


Serious steam boiler explosion in Hanover with people dead and seriously injured. Introduction of regular inspections in Hanover and the surrounding area.


(Legislation of the Kingdom of Hanover): movable steam engines have to pass a final inspection.


Establishment of the "Norddeutschen Vereins zur Überwachung von Dampfkesseln" in Hamburg.


Establishment of the "Magdeburger Vereins für Dampfkesselbetrieb".


Establishment of the "Dampfkessel-Überwachungs-Vereins (DÜV)" in Siegen.


Establishment of the "DÜV" in Hannover.


28 associations with 273 engineers monitor 89,000 steam boilers throughout the German Empire.


Vehicles and lifts are tested for the first time.


First driving tests.


Renaming of steam boiler inspection associations (Dampfkessel Überwachungsvereine e.V.) into technical inspection associations (Technische Überwachungs-Vereine e.V - TÜV).


Introduction of periodic vehicle inspection stickers.


Establishment of new areas of work: Reactor safety, power and heating supply industry, energy technology, environmental technology.


Establishment of TÜV NORD AG from TÜV Nord e.V., TÜV Hannover/Sachsen-Anhalt e.V. and parts of RW TÜV e.V..


TÜV NORD acquires DMT and adds natural resources to its service porfolio.


TÜV NORD acquires ALTER TECHNOLOGY Group and tests satellite components within the new business sector of aerospace.


TÜV NORD sets the pace for the energy supplies of the future, electromobility, IT security and sustainability.


TÜV NORD GROUP becomes the umbrella for the operative brands TÜV NORD, DMT, ALTER TECHNOLOGY TÜV NORD (ATN) and TÜViT.

TÜV NORD Greater China

As a leading service provider, TÜV NORD Greater China has always pursued high level services for our all clients throughout the region for over last 10 years. Our leading market positions in Greater China are in the areas of system certification, product certificate, industry services, carbon emission certification, homologation certification, IT system safety service and training services. We are committed to ensure the safety, operational and quality features of products.

Your support is always the greatest motivating factor in the continued development of TÜV NORD China.

Corporate governance within the TÜV NORD GROUP stands for responsible corporate management and control geared towards long-term value creation. It guarantees the correctness of all business processes and organizational structures within the group. The basis for corporate governance is provided by the current requirements of the German Stock Corporation Act.

All key requirements for joint stock companies in Germany as specified by the German Act on Control and Transparency in Business (Contra), which is embodied in the German Stock Corporation Act are adequately fulfilled within the TÜV NORD GROUP: The Supervisory Board and Board of Management have set up efficient external and internal control structures and processes.

TÜV NORD Greater China

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