Tailor-made Audit / 2nd Party Audit

Tailor-made Audit / 2nd Party Audit

To customize audit solution

The organizations constantly aim to upgrade business efficiency in the right direction. Meanwhile, the clients expect to gain the best and the most unified service. Many organizations cannot be able to provide service complying with their value proposition. For the reason that the system making certain of realizing consistent delivery is deficient or dissatisfactory, which is according to they promised. Only by tail-made audit or 2nd party audit, we will provide a kind of tool which can make certain of uniformly implementing the best quality system between your company and other cooperative partners. You can upgrade ability of delivery for products and service, brand image and establish competitive advantage.

To prove your commitment to clients

You can monitor performance criteria defined in corporate strategy according to our tail-made audit or 2nd party audit. Thus, it helps to maintain the brand reputation, tap the potential of the team and constantly upgrade from that, which is including internal cost control. We can be sure that your organization and partners achieve performance level and help you define powerful frame structure for results oriented performance management.

To assess your suppliers

The organization can outsource assessment of suppliers to us by monitoring whether your suppliers comply with your request. We can help you ensure that your products comply with your products standards and quality requirements. And protect your brand equity and corporate value in the whole supply chain.

*Note: The Above services are for non-certified customers only.

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