Onshore and Offshore Wind Turbine Service

Onshore and Offshore Wind Turbine Service

Onshore Wind Turbine Service

Type Certification for Wind Turbine

  • Design Assessment / Certification
  • Manufacturing Assessment
  • Type Testing
  • Components Type Certification 

CE Certification for Wind Turbine System

  • Wind Turbine Generator CE Certification
  • Wind Turbine Components CE Certification

On Site Services for Wind Turbine

  • End of Warranty Inspection
  • In-service Inspection
  • Site Assessment and Duty Diligence 

Services for Grid-connection Service

  • BDEW Middle Voltage directive for Renewable Energy (Wind)
  • Power Quality Measurement and Assessment
  • Grid-connection Test Service

Offshore Wind Turbine Service

Type and Project Certification

Support for BSH Releases (Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency)

Manufacturing Inspections

Quality Assurance (eg. Inspection for Support Structure, Sub-station, etc.)

Periodical or Condition based Inspections

Component Approval

Corrosion Protection

Risk Assessments


Assistance in Project Development

Tailored Services on request

Commissioning WTG