Type Certification for WTGS and Project Certification

Type Certification for WTGS and Project Certification

Type Certification for WTGS

Type Certification of Wind Turbine based on IEC Standard

Wind Turbine Type Certification based on GL Guideline

Wind Turbine Certification based on GB Standard

Project Certification

Project certification of wind turbines according to IEC 61400-22

In a project certification it has to be approved for a specific site that type certified wind turbines and foundation designs meet requirements governed by site-specific external conditions and are in conformity with applicable local codes and other requirements relevant to the site. On the basis of applicable measurements and/or local standards the site specific external conditions, such as wind and wave distribution, wind farm effects, earthquake and temperature conditions, (sea-)ice, soil and electrical network conditions, have to be evaluated. Within the foundation design and installation evaluation the certification body observes by independent inspections – based on the certified specifications and manuals – the conformity of the foundations and support structures respectively the installation and commissioning procedures. Operation and maintenance surveillance is an optional module of the project certification and includes periodical inspections of the wind turbines and random checks of the maintenance procedures.