BRCGS Storage and Distribution

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What is BRCGS Storage and Distribution?

The BRCGS Global Standard for Storage and Distribution is a global GFSI (Global Storage and Distribution Initiative) scheme. BRCGS Storage and Distribution programs are in place to link between your company brand standards and the end user. The end user such as the retailer or the food service company.

It helps you to facilitate a process of continuous improvement through a well-designed risk-based product safety management system helping to enforce compliance and transparency when reported on the BRC Directory.

Who needs BRCGS Storage and Distribution Certification?

The BRCGS S&D Standard has been developed to cover all activities which may affect the safety, quality and legality of the products stored and distributed, and of additional contracted services provided by storage and distribution companies.

The BRCGS S&D Standard applies to companies providing storage and distribution of products. If a company also provides one of the specified contracted services at a storage or distribution site this may be included within the audit and certification process.

It covers distribution at any point in the distribution network for applicable food, packaging or consumer products, such as:

  • farm to processor
  • primary processor to manufacturer
  • manufacturer to off-site warehousing
  • warehousing to retail depots
  • retail depots to store
  • store to final consumer

Benefits of BRCGS Storage and Distribution

Many food retailers and manufacturers only accept suppliers with BRCGS certification. Following a successful audit, the capability of suppliers is documented by listing and registration on the BRCGS database, in effect raising the profile of the individual supplier. In addition, certification leads to image enhancement, reduces risks and warranty claims and helps contribute to overall food safety.

TUV USA, INC. has auditors who are qualified in several fields, allowing TUV USA to offer effective and low-cost combined audits (e.g. in association with other management systems/food safety systems).

  • a premiere GFSI benchmarked program
  • globally recognized
  • increases customer assurance
  • distinct risk-based requirements
  • culminating safety improvements result in a reduction of recalls, complaints and rejected product
  • BRCGS Directory recognition
  • HACCP based standard incorporated with food safety management systems
  • Internationally accepted best practices for quality assurance and safety.
  • Cost effective - only one audit necessary and accepted globally
  • Extensively trained and experienced BRCGS Auditors

Preconditions for S&D certification

Alongside the stipulations of the standard, the following criteria are decisive for certification according to BRCGS:

  • Application of the principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
  • Analysis of processes/technologies used in product manufacturing
  • Fulfilment of legal regulations with regard to rooms and equipment, product and performance, and qualification of personnel
  • Classification of risks
  • Inspection of the quality management system

The Route to the Certificate

Customer Inquiry

Offer from TUV USA based on the information provided

Order of certification

Audit Planning

Certification Audit

Release of the Certification Process

Issuance of the Certification

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