The quality of the ingredients in cosmetic products is critical to ensuring the safety, quality and efficacy of cosmetic and related personal care products.

It is therefore essential to apply the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in their manufacture.

EFfCI (European Federation for Cosmetic Ingredients) is the European trade association representing the chemical and natural products industry, suppliers and service providers to cosmetic manufacturers.
EFfCI was founded in 2000 and represents the interests of more than 100 cosmetic ingredient companies in the European Union.
In 2017, EFfCI published a version of the international standard that provides guidance to cosmetic ingredient manufacturers for implementing a suitable and functional GMP system based on quality and safety risk management.

The EFfCI:2017 standard is fully compatible with the 9001:2015 standard and certification requires the manufacturer to have a valid ISO 9001 certificate.

The EFfCI:2017 certification audit can also be performed as a combined audit with ISO 9001.


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