BRC Certification

BRC - British Retail Consortium Scheme.

This standard was created in the UK to unify the demanding audits, which differed in many respects and placed high demands on suppliers, especially in terms of price, when checking the quality and safety of food.

In 1998, therefore, British retailers were brought together to create one common standard for the whole sector, the BRC (British Retail Consortium Technical Standard and Protocol). This standard specifies food safety and safety requirements for food processing companies who are direct suppliers to retailers.

Inspections are carried out by independent certification bodies. The manufacturer or supplier only has to pass one inspection and issue one report to all buyers. Retailers no longer need to carry out inspections themselves and can offer customers greater assurance of the quality and manufacturing/processing conditions of branded products.

This is a standard for evaluating private label suppliers (the standard for companies supplying chain-branded goods is very similar to the IFS standard). This standard was created to help chains meet their legislative obligations, and to ensure the highest possible level of consumer protection). It is intended for food suppliers to retail chains, primarily private label, but also used for manufacturer-branded suppliers. The standard is also used in the foodservice and additive industries.

The BRC Global Food Standard (version 6 is now in force) is fully harmonised within the GFSI - Global Food Safety Initiative standard, so that the certified organisation obtains proof of compliance with the requirements of this standard, which is considered by retail chains worldwide as a basic prerequisite for ensuring food safety.

This standard has many similarities with the HACCP standard, but has more requirements in the areas of hygiene and structural and technical aspects.

BRC systems are generally referred to as systems of high standards and good operational practice in food processing plants, which are built on the basis of the BRC Global Standard. BRC is increasingly becoming a prerequisite for many retail chains. BRC normative documents define requirements related to ensuring food safety and health and are recognised by retail chains in many countries around the world.

The intention of the BRC is primarily to set requirements for ensuring food safety in production with a strong focus on operational prerequisites. TÜV NORD is an approved organisation by a number of retail chains.

The BRC scheme requires that the assessment process is carried out by a certification company that is independent of the food manufacturer (third party audit) and accredited to the European standard EN ISO 17065.

The most important international standards that address the above requirements for the safety of food or food packaging are the BRC Global Standard - Food and the BRC/IoP Packaging Standard (BRC - British Ratail Consortium, IoP - Institute of Packaging).

After a certification audit, a separate certificate is issued for each plant.

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