Rolling Stock

Rolling Stock

Rolling stock is an essential item within the railway and transport systems, but it is also one of the most complex products. From running gear through the strength, and durability, drives, brakes, regulation and control systems, and up to fire protection and occupational health and safety, all safety-relevant functionalities have to be in full working order at all times.

The entire system comprising the "rolling stock" must fulfill safety requirements according to both national and international standards and directives. These include, for example, conditions for high-speed trains and the conventionalrail system in accordance with the "Technical Specifications for Trans-European Interoperability" (TSI) and also requirements of the International approval bodies in accordance with the "International Requirement List" (IRL). Important regulations at the national level include the German Ordinance on the Construction and Operation of Railways (EBO) and the equivalent ordinance with regard to trams (BOStrab).

Our inspectors and experts in the different areas support rail operators, system integrators and manufacturers over the entire lifetime of the project, from the design phase up to approval, including railway vehicle operation and maintenance. And also include process from the initial design through the system architecture up to the technical equipment itself completion.

Our Services

Rolling Stock as a whole

  • Engineering design consultancy service
  • Testing and reports on the technical safety of rolling stock
  • Evaluation of operators' regulations and residual risks for passengers

Subsystems and processes

Testing and reports regarding the technical safety of:

  • Mechanics
  • Brakes
  • Drive systems
  • Electrical systems
  • Control technology
  • Software
  • System technology
  • System architectures
  • Fire protection
  • Damage analysis
  • Safety and reliability
  • Approval management
  • manufacturer and supplier certifications

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