Independent Safety Assessment (ISA)

Independent Safety Assessment (ISA)

Confirmation of safety by an independent third party is becoming increasingly important. This is particularly the case since approval bodies are more frequently demanding an independent examination of the safety-related design of railway systems based on the requirements of the European CENELEC standards.

This Independent Safety Assessment (ISA) is a safety-orientated review of documents and/or plant and equipment based on the principle of double checking, which is performed independently of the manufacturer to ensure compliance with the relevant safety integrated level. The aim is to gain additional certainly that the necessary safety level has been achieved. However, proof of safety according to CENELEC differs fundamentally from traditional proofs.

There is a development from determination of safety to an approach based on probability. The safety management system according to CENELEC is considered sufficient if the risk originating from the system can be reduced to a certain tolerable level by means of defined system-related and organizational measures.

As equipment becomes more complex, traditional methods of proof become more problematic and the advantages of the probability-based approach come to the fore. For this reason, ISA is not only used within the actual area of application of the CENELEC standards, but also in the entire rail sector, from local transport systems through long distance up to magnetic rail systems. Experts from TÜV NORD GROUP have many years of experience in Independent Safety Assessment for rail systems and vehicles.

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ISA Safety assessment / ISA

  • According to CENELEC standards
    • DIN EN 5012X
  • Assessments according to the Common Safety Method CSM
  • According to functional safety
    • IEC 61508
  • According to national rules and regulations

Review of formal proofs of safety

  • RAMS analysis
  • FTA
  • PHA
  • Safety audits
  • Auditing of the software development processes

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