Technical Specification for Interoperability (TSI)

Technical Specification for Interoperability (TSI)

The technical rules for interoperable railway systems regulate the far-reaching technical requirements for the trans-European railway network to a degree unknown before (TEN-V).

These rules are based on the European railway directives, including those regulating interoperability of the trans-European railway systems. The directives are implemented by means of the "Technical Specifications for Interoperability - TSI" which describe the defined features, characteristics and requirements that the different subsystems, such as "rolling stock" or "infrastructure" have to fulfill in order to ensure interoperability.

After the first technical specifications for interoperability were published as early as 2002, European regulation for a further subsystem of the conventional rail system is now approaching.

Entry into force of the TSI for Locomotives and Passenger Rolling Stock for the trans-European Conventional Rail System is planned for 2011. Following corresponding transition periods, the approval process for commisioning of rolling stock for conventional rail systems will undergo major changes. TÜV NORD experts approved by the Federal Railway Authority (EBA) have worked for many years in the area of railway inspection and assessment, covering many safety-related aspects of rolling stock technology that are essential in order to gain operational approval.

Why not make use of our experience and benefit from our recognized expertise in the design of systems and components so as to ensure compliance with the relevant regulations? Our railway experts can answer your questions relating to entire systems and also questions relating to technical specifications and standards for interoperability (TSI) and European standards, in particular those of the European standards organizations CEN, CENELEC and ETSI.

Our recognition by both EBA and EDC offers synergies within the approval process, which consists of both a European and a national portion.

Verification of TSI conformity for the conventional rail system with regard to

  • Freight wagons
  • Control-command and signalling
  • Infrastructure
  • Safety in Tunnels
  • Noise
  • Energy
  • Persons with reduced mobility
  • Maintenance
  • Locomotives and Passenger Rolling Stock for the Conventional Rail System (as from 2011)

Verification of fulfillment of the TSI requirements according to 2008/57/EC is by means of

  • EC verification of the respective structural subsystem (e.g. rolling stock)
  • Creation of the technical dossier
  • Assessment of quality assurance systems
  • Conformity assessment of interoperability components
  • Testing of suitability for use of interoperability components

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