Coaching and Training for Safety of Railway Systems

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Coaching and training are essential in order to keep pace with the changing state of technology. In particular, railway standards are undergoing a process of transformation with the introduction of the Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSI) and new processes are needed as a result. In addition, many new approval procedures have been put in place in the past few years, leading to corresponding new rules and formalities.

TÜV NORD supplies advisors and trainers, provides coaching in the form of lecture series, seminars and specialist events and also offers in-house training courses to suit the individual needs of its customers.

Besides matters relating to specific railway standards, including the TSI, training and coaching also cover all the steps and safety proofs required by national approval bodies.

TÜV NORD experts can provide you with qualified support - from information about the requirements of the different standards up to the interpretation of technical requirements in relation to integration into existing systems. This gives you the assurance that your development and design work is based on the correct assumptions. We particularly deal with standards regarding functional safety such as IEC 61508 and CENELEC, process-related standards such as EN ISO 9001 and IRIS, and also special national regulations, guidelines, application rules and administrative rules.

Coaching on CENELEC standards

  • 5012X
  • 50122
  • 50159
  • 50239

Functional safety

  • IEC 61508

Coaching on management process

  • ISO 9001, IRIS
  • SMS
  • Common Safety Methods

Other services

  • Coaching on railway operating processes
  • Coaching on technical safety measures

Mr. Vincent Chen

Business Development Manager

8621 - 53855353 - 1527

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