Inputs allowed in organic production

What is an input?

Inputs are substances or materials that can be used in agriculture or food processing, such as fertilisers, soil conditioners, plant protection products, detergents and disinfectants for animal parasite control, feed materials, feed additives, food additives and food processing aids.

The annexes to Commission Regulation (EU) 2021/1165 list substances that may be used as inputs in organic production in the EU. Some producer associations or certification bodies further restrict the use of inputs for their members or customers by setting up above-legal criteria. In addition, many categories of inputs (e.g. plant protection products and fertilisers) are also subject to national legislation and their registration is mandatory.


Certification of inputs

The certification of Inputs, authorised in the organic production method, by TÜV NORD Integra, provides first and foremost to the end user (organic certified farmer or processor), transparency and reassurance about the conformity of that product. However, the user remains responsible for its correct application. On the other hand, certification also provides useful information to competent authorities and other certification bodies.

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