Certification from field to fork

Certification from field to fork

Our expertise for your success

30 years of experience in certification!

 We started in 1988 with the certification of organic production, agricultural production as well as food processing, under the company name BLIK, later changed into Integra.

Nearly 10 years later, Integra extended its certification activity with schemes for integrated agricultural practices.

A few years after the onset of the FASFC (Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain) - catalysed by a dioxin scandal, Integra started also with schemes for the certification of food safety management systems such as the internationally known schemes BRC and IFS. Besides these food standards, the most important schemes for the feed industry were also added.

In 2006, Integra signed an agreement with TÜV NORD. Since then, TÜV NORD Integra continued its growth, not only in Belgium, the surrounding countries and several (West) African countries but also in some countries where TÜV NORD is active.

More recently, the certification activities were extended towards social and sustainability standards, which are fully in line with the values and mission of TÜV NORD Integra.

Currently more than 60 employees are working every day to our mission and the succes of your company.