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Are you interested in ORGANIC certification?

With 30 years of experience, your certification process is with us in good hands. 

Ready for certification or still technical questions? Do not hesitate to contact us 

 Download here a request form for quotation of organic certification for food processers, traders and exporters


 Download here the TÜV NORD Integra Organic Standard for Third Countries



Already ORGANIC certified?

 Our customers are our best ambassadors, search here for organic certified companies

You want to declare additives free from GMO? Download here the formular




For the Biogarantie standard, we refer to the downloads at the bottom of the homepage of




Contact us

Bert De Caluwe

Statiestraat 164
2600 Berchem

0032 3 287 37 60
Fax: 0032 3 287 37 61

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