Rainforest Alliance

about Rainforest Alliance

The new 2020 Rainforest Alliance is a worldwide Certification Program and Trademark for the production, trade, processing and retail of cocoa, coffee, tea, herbal spices, bananas, hazelnuts and more.

The new Rainforest Alliance stems from the 2018 merger of the UTZ program and the previous Rainforest Alliance program.

The mission of the new Rainforest Alliance is to create a more sustainable world by using social and market forces to protect nature and improve the lives of farmers and forest communities worldwide.

Core Documents

The core documents of the 2020 RA certification program are:

  • RA Farm requirements are a set of criteria designed to maximize the positive social, environmental and economic impact of agriculture, while offering farmers an enhanced framework to improve their livelihoods and protect the landscapes where they live and work.
  • RA Supply Chain Requirements are a set of requirements for companies throughout the supply chain to foster transparency and responsible business practices and to provide support to farmers to work more sustainably.
  • RA Certification and Auditing rules explains the structure and process of certification according to the RA Farm requirements and supply chain requirements.


Unique certification body for Rainforest Alliance based in Belgium

TÜV NORD INTEGRA has been approved for UTZ since 2009 and has now also been approved for the new Rainforest Alliance program. We offer Rainforest Alliance Supply Chain audits. 

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