Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

Safety, Security and Success through Knowledge.
Technical. Digital. Connected.
Anywhere, Anytime.

Our Mission

Technological excellence is our mission.
Future-proof results for our customers are our goal.
Knowledge is the key. 

Our Values

The focus is on our customers

We put our customers at the heart of everything we do. Their success is our mission; what drives us is the responsibility that this implies. We operate at the highest technological level and pursue economical use of resources at all times. Our solutions make our customers’ investments more secure. This is how we make an important contribution to added value.

Our employees are the key to success

We demand and encourage performance by our employees. We give our staff the freedom they need, creating opportunities to work conscientiously, take personal responsibility and cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit. For this we offer attractive working conditions. We rely on teamwork to continuously enhance our performance. It’s important to us to reconcile family and working life.

Our integrity is the basis of everything we do

We act sustainable at all times – economically, ecologically and socially. Our Code of Conduct is consistent and binding on all of us. We keep our promises, meet our obligations and communicate transparently. Supported by mutual respect and trust, we cultivate a culture of openness.

Our sustainability opens up new paths to a shared future

We pay particular attention to the economic, environmental and social impacts of our decisions and actions. Sustainability is an integral part of our brand core – in the range of services we provide and in all areas of innovation as well. We work to improve our environmental footprint at all times.

Our diversity opens up new opportunities

We consider diversity and internationality to be an enrichment for our company. We consciously rely on mixed teams with differing experience, qualifications and views. This is the only way to meet the demands of international markets. We foster a climate of equal opportunity, tapping and promoting all the skills and talents we already have.

Our culture of innovation is trend-setting

We anticipate our customers’ future requirements. We pave the way to greater benefits with new ideas. We take up technological trends early on and put these into practice. We never stop improving our products and processes. We test, secure and monitor advances in technology, and we drive innovation.



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