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Bio Suisse is the owner of the registered trademark Bud. Its standards are private law guidelines and exceed the minimum legal requirements in essential respects (EU-Eco-Regulation 834/2007 or equivalent). Operations abroad complying with the necessary standards and wishing to supply their products to Switzerland can obtain the Bio Suisse certification.


A valid organic certification equivalent to the Swiss Ordinance on Organic Farming (for example, Council Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 or NOP) is the basis for a certification according to Bio Suisse standards abroad. In general, a buyer/importer of the products in Switzerland must be named. He will carry all the costs of the Bio Suisse certification.

International Certification Bio Suisse AG (ICB ), the subsidiary of Bio Suisse, carries out the certification. Detailed information is here available.


TÜV NORD Integra offers a Bio Suisse inspection together with the regular organic inspection. Please contact us if you would like a Bio Suisse inspection in addition to the organic inspection. We are happy to help you with any questions.  


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