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TÜV NORD INTEGRA issues certificates all over the world. For this purpose TÜV NORD INTEGRA cooperates with offices of the TÜV NORD Group, among others in Thailand and Egypt.

In addition, TÜV NORD INTEGRA cooperates with partners in France, Tunisia and Morocco. Furthermore, TÜV NORD INTEGRA also carries out direct audits in various countries in Africa (Morocco, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Mali, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Gambia, Cameroon, etc.).

TÜV NORD INTEGRA trains the local auditors of the international offices so that they carry out audits in accordance with the TÜV NORD INTEGRA procedures and quality systems. The auditors are under the permanent supervision of TÜV NORD INTEGRA to ensure that the quality of the audits is guaranteed everywhere. Certification is always carried out by TÜV NORD INTEGRA itself. This method of working offers maximum quality at minimum cost.

Thanks to this broad cooperation, companies enjoy faster access to international markets.


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