Verification of Conformity for Egypt

Exporting goods to Egypt

To export regulated products to Egypt, verification of conformity (VoC) is required.

When entering Egypt, the Customs authorities will verify whether the cargo imported into Egypt has been checked by TÜV NORD and the goods are accompanied by a Certificate of Conformity (CoC). Without the Verification of Conformity, regulated products cannot enter Egypt. The program falls under the authority of the Egyptian General Organization of Export and Import Control (GOEIC).

TÜV NORD can ensure that your products can enter Egypt safely, without excessive paperwork. 

Please download and fill in the application form on this page.

What steps do you need to take?


Step 1: Send us the application form and the proforma invoices of the goods you wish to export. We will take care of the verification of the documents.

Step 2: Ensure you have laboratory tests of the goods that will be exported. TÜV NORD can take samples or you can provide the test reports from an ISO 17025 certified laboratory. To know which tests you must provide, please inform us about the products you are exporting using the form on this page and we will inform you subsequently.

Step 3: Inspection of the goods before being exported.

Step 4: You will receive a draft Certificate of Conformity for you to verify.

Step 5: Send us the final invoices and the bill of loading which we will transfer to TÜV NORD Egypt in order to issue the final CoC. TÜV NORD Egypt will, in turn, send you the final CoC and, depending on your import/export process, transfer a copy to the Egyptian Customs authorities or to your importer/exporter.

When the goods arrive in Egypt, your client and the Customs authorities are already informed that the goods meet Egyptian standards and are conform to the GOEIC specifications.

Your goods will be cleared by the Egyptian Customs authorities without any problem.



Why choose TÜV NORD?

Thanks to its Egyptian office, TÜV NORD has an in-depth knowledge of the Egyptian regulations and requirements. TÜV NORD Egypt knows which changes may affect your goods and is in close contact with the GOEIC.

Thanks to its Belgian office, TÜV NORD has an in-depth knowledge of food standards and inspection protocols. We can guarantee excellent service while being flexible in our planning. We also work with remote inspections in order to increase the speed of the inspection process and to reduce costs.

TÜV NORD Group has a global scope and through its offices in Turkey, Abu Dhabi, India, Singapore and Belgium, we ensure that your goods can enter Egypt.

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