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Food Safety

The Global Standard for Food Safety is a certification system required by a lot of British, but also Belgian and international retailers from their private label suppliers. This BRC Standard focuses on food safety and hygiene in the food-processing industry. This Global Standard for Food Safety is the most widespread certification standard in the world for food safety.

Key requirements for Food Safety certification are:

  • a detailed and well implemented HACCP system
  • a quality management system
  • control of factory environment
  • finished product requirements
  • production process regulations
  • personnel hygiene regulations

TÜV NORD Integra can offer following voluntary modules:

  • Voluntary module 8: Traded goods
  • Voluntary module 11: Meat Supply Chain Assurance
  • Voluntary module 12: Gluten free
  • Voluntary module 15: FSMA
  • Private module : ‘ASDA AA module’ (always in combination with an unannounced BRC audit option 1 )

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