Quality Policy

TUV USA, Inc. General Operating Procedure: Quality Policy

With a view to the developments in the European Union and USA concerning the free trade in products and services between the member states, TUV USA, Inc. (in the following TUV USA) is offering its very best quality services relating to the certification of quality systems and delivering Third Party Inspection services.

Our aim is to achieve an optimum service to meet the requirements and expectations of our customers with regard to the evaluation of quality management systems in accordance with the ISO 9001 series of standards and technical inspection activities.

A quality system has been installed which enables TUV USA to operate in accordance with ISO /IEC 17021.

The Managing Director collects information from all stakeholders (e.g. TÜV NORD, other Shareholders, Members of the Board, Governing Board, Employees, Subcontractors, Agencies, Clients, Regulatory Authorities, Accreditation Organizations & other relevant professional bodies) with regard to expectations and resources for the following years.

The Impartiality Board is established to guarantee the implementation of this policy related to certification activities.

Inside the Quality Manual, all management tasks are described, as well as the structure, organization, and quality-safeguarding activities, which are all necessary for the certification body in auditing and certifying quality systems, including the inspection body in providing Third Party Inspection services. All requirements for quality systems are satisfied in accordance with ISO/IEC 17021.

This Quality Management System is directly in charge of the Quality Manager who controls and operates it in line with the TUV USA’s accreditations and related guidelines.

Sub-contractors as well as the TUV USA staff shall be obliged to follow the quality management measures laid down and they are required to contribute towards its improvement. Access to the Quality Manual and all other related documents is allocated to every employee involved.

All full or part-time and subcontracted staff who have any contact whatsoever with customer-related information, are obliged by their respective contracts of employment to maintain confidentiality and to that extent they have to sign a confidentiality declaration. Specific customer-related information which comes to their knowledge in connection with their activities must not be passed on to a third party, even after their contract of employment has been terminated.

The same applies to members of the Impartiality Board or any other person having access to customer-related information.

Signed in original and presented on the office notice board, distributed and communicated throughout the company.

Ralf Thomsen

Managing Director