BRC Voluntary Modules - Looking Ahead in 2017


Certification to the voluntary modules increases efficiency in audit management by reducing audit redundancy, ensuring competent assessment through highly trained and qualified BRC auditors, and streamlined reporting through the BRC Directory to meet customer and regulatory requirements. Increased efficiency in audit management allows the site to focus on what matters most—producing safe food and protecting public health.

2016 saw the release of a variety of Voluntary Modules to supplement the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety. These include:

•Culture Excellence

•FSMA Preventive Controls Preparedness

•AOECS Gluten –Free Foods

•Meat Supply Chain Assurance


Voluntary modules annexed to the Food Safety Standard largely bring forward strength in developing a food safety culture, supply chain management and regulatory compliance within the EU, UK and US.

The Culture Excellence module is a pathway for companies to evaluate and improve their attitudes, behaviors and commitment to food safety. It is proven that consistent implementation and improvement of safe food practices is highly dependent upon a positive attitude, which values food safety. Certification to the Culture Excellence module can help companies close this gap.

The FSMA Preventive Controls Preparedness module is a tool to support BRC certified sites in regulatory compliance with the U.S. Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). This module is applicable to BRC certified within the U.S. and those who export to the U.S. It is important to note that the exclusion of products within the scope of the module is not permitted.

The Gluten-Free and Meat Supply Chain Assurance modules were developed to strengthen supply chain management and improve transparency to ensure the safety, legality and authenticity of products included within the scope of certification. The Gluten-Free module was developed in partnership with the Association of European Coeliac Societies (AOECS) to enable compliance with AOECS’ standard and EU regulation for the labeling of gluten-free foods. The Meat Supply Chain Assurance module was developed by the BRC to improve supply chain transparency and visibility within the meat industry for assurance in the origin of species for meat products.


Lori Carlson

Lori Carlson provides independent technical writing, training and consultation services to the food and beverage industry. She has over a decade of experience in verification and validation, risk assessment, food safety and quality management systems, GFSI benchmarked schemes, regulatory compliance, and third party certification. Lori has authored numerous white papers, magazine articles and guidance documents and has contributed to the development of various food safety standards and food professional training courses for GFSI scheme owners and certification bodies. Contact the author through LinkedIn.


Paul Fallaw

Paul Fallaw is the Program Manager of the Food Safety Division. Paul spent the last 10 years auditing and consulting and is a recognized food specialist with in-depth expertise in quality assurance, product development, regulatory affairs, manufacturing, and packaging.

Prior to a career in third-party certification, Paul held various roles in Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance with Hain Celestial Food Group, Cargill and Kraft Foods. His strong analytical abilities, proven technical leadership and management skills make him a great addition to the TUV USA team. Paul has a B.S. in Chemical Biology from Rhodes College in Memphis, TN.

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