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MEDPRO The Innovative Audit Processing Tool



Topic: Medical


In response to the transition from MDD 93/42/EEC to MDR EU 2017/745, TÜV NORD CERT GmbH has developed the MEDPRO system. With MEDPRO, TÜV NORD Cert GmbH offers its customers and auditors worldwide an innovative, web-based audit tool for the simple and joint processing of audits - from audit planning to certificate release.

Available standards in MEDPRO

Currently, MEDPRO can be used to support audit and certification activities for ISO 9001:2015, EN ISO 13485:2016, MDSAP, MDD 93/42 EEC, and (in future) MDR EU 2017/745. Additional standards will be integrated moving forward.


MEDPRO includes a variety of features that greatly simplify the exchange of certification related information involving customers, auditors, and our project management team. An overview is provided below, showing the process steps the auditor and project manager will communicate with the customer via MEDPRO in order to jointly prepare, execute and post-process the audit activities:

Audit preparation (customer information, updates, etc.) 

  • Company data n Processes & Products
  • Location data

Audit planning

  • Audit scheduling Audit results (audit conclusion)
  • Action management

Advantages, at a glance 

  • Ability to check your basic information for accuracing, inlcuding the processes, shifts and location data 
  • Ability to coordinate and process the audit schedule and action plans with your auditor
  • Storage of your data exclusively on TÜV NORD Group owned and certified data systems
  • Protection of your data with SSL encryption


The MEDPRO system will be made available to all customers, working with the previously mentioned standards, starting 01.10.2019.

How it works: You need an internet connection and access details for MEDPRO. Your account will be activated by your project manager after talking to you.

Further information about MEDPRO can be found on our website

If you have any questions, please contact





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