1. Testing
    2. Fire testing
    3. Single Burning Item (SBI) test

SBI test

Test apparatus corresponds to standard EN 13823. Test results of the building structure can be classified according to standard 13501-1.

Test apparatus includes :

  • test room;
  • trolley, which holds the specimen and which docks into the frame;
  • primary and secondary burners;
  • gas analysis instrumentation;
  • smoke measurement system

Every product shall be tested at least three times.

A test specimen, consisting of two vertical wings forming a right-angled corner, is exposed to the flames from a burner placed at the bottom of the corner. The performance of the test specimen is evaluated over a period of 20 min.

Katsekeha koosneb kahest vertikaalselt asetatud ehitusmaterjali proovist, mis on ühendatud täisnurga all. Katsekeha mõjutatakse põleti leegiga, mis paikneb proovide ühenduskoha alumises nurgas. Leegiga mõjutamise aeg on 20 minutit. Parameetrid, mis iseloomustavad toote tuletundlikkust, arvutatakse vastavalt põlemisel kulunud hapniku kogusele ning eraldunud süsihappegaasi kogusele.

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