Technical inspection of equipment

Technical inspection of equipment

The need for an independent inspection of the technical condition of equipment may arise at the enterprises of any business sector. This study helps diagnose the current state of equipment, identify the equipment’s compliance with safety criteria and determine the possibility of its further use.

TÜV Eesti OÜ as an independent expert organization conducts:

  • Inspections of technological equipment, analysis of engineering structures and design documentation 
  • Assessment of compliance of any equipment parameters with the requirements of technical documentation
  • Verification of equipment specifications compliance with the technical terms and conditions of the contract
  • Quality control of equipment installation
  • External inspection of the condition of structures, machines and mechanisms, systems operating under pressure, tanks, pipelines etc.
  • Inspection of the technical condition of equipment using advanced diagnostic methods and non-destructive testing
  • Identification of defects and damage
  • Identification of the cause of units malfunction, failure of complex equipment
  • Complexity of repair of faulty equipment and safety assessment of its further operation
  • Calculation of the residual life of equipment, on the basis of which it is possible to decide on the possibility and conditions of its further operation

When is the inspection needed?

There are several situations when the condition of equipment should be inspected:

  • If it is necessary to find out the cause of equipment failure
  • The equipment is worn out and its service time is nearing the end
  • The equipment continues to operate after the end of service period specified in the technical documentation
  • The equipment is used very often and under heavy loads
  • If it is necessary to establish for how long the equipment can be safely operated

After the technical inspection of equipment has been completed, the customer will be given an expert opinion, which bears legal force. The cost of the inspection depends on the amount of work and is calculated based on the amount of time spent on the inspection. You can also first consult our experienced and highly qualified experts.

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