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TÜV Eesti OÜ is an independent and impartial expert service provider in Estonia which started operating in 1992. We are a member of the German Association of Expert Organizations TÜV NORD GROUP, whose headquarters are located in Germany.

TÜV NORD GROUP is one of the world’s largest service providers in the field of technology and safety with over 14,000 employees in more than 70 countries.

Technological excellence is our mission. Our goal is future security for our customers. Knowledge is the key.

Today, TÜV Eesti OÜ has been operating in the Estonian market in the field of certification, testing and inspection for 25 years. We have great experience, highly skilled technical experts, a good reputation and credibility among our customers. Our clients are mainly industrial, technology and construction companies from Estonia and neighbouring countries.

In TÜV Eesti OÜ we have 4 different departments that provide services in their own specific fields. You can learn more about our services on the separate pages. Many of our services are often related, and therefore you can find some related links on the pages. We can offer you both a single service or integrated services.

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TÜV Eesti OÜ
Vana-Narva mnt 24b
74114 Maardu, Estonia

Tel.: +372 607 59 18