Second Party Inspection

Second and Third Party Inspections

TÜV Eesti OÜ can represent the project owner’s interests as a second party and provide the stuff, systems and processes to monitor quality, cost and schedule. In the alternative, we can function as an independent third party to monitor and audit project performance. Our source inspection services at supplier and vendor sites for manufacturers verify that the equipment or goods have been manufactured in accordance with a client's specifications and other applicable quality system requirements as specified.

Technical assessment

Our services cover a wide range of auditing scopes from technical procedure compliance, to full quality management system audits.

Vendor assessment and –site inspections

Prior to the Purchaser’s order being placed, TÜV Eesti offer an assessment service designed to provide confidence to a Purchaser that the Supplier has the capability, systems, experience and competence to provide the requirements of the order.

Expediting services

An effective expediting activity is key to the success of any procurement project. We take a proactive approach in highlighting potential problems, suggesting performance improvements and contributing to solutions. The aim of the expediting process is to ensure the delivery date of the equipment is maintained. TÜV Eesti work closely with Client to establish the exact requirements and to ensure that projects are started, managed and completed efficiently and on time. Emphasis is placed on prompt, accurate, helpful and factual reporting.

Welding inspection

The purpose of welding inspection is to establish conformance to specifications, drawings, and building code requirements. Our inspectors pay very close attention to detail. The main key points we check during our initial review may include shop drawings showing weld locations and type, inspection criteria, and welding procedure specifications, as well as welder certifications.

Pre-shipment inspection

TÜV Eesti have the capability to conduct pre-shipment inspection from single orders to entire projects at the manufacturer’s facility in Estonia and overseas.

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