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Mission and Values. Standard Terms of TÜV Eesti

Our mission is to make the world safer by offering our expert services in the field of technology and safety through an independent and impartial approach and consideration to the needs of our customers.

We use our expert knowledge in inspecting, testing and certifying in order to protect people, the environment and property from the hazards and risks related to the industry and technology, manufacturing, installation and use of all kinds of equipment.

Our activities meet the demands of quality systems and the requirements of the accreditation and this is audited periodically by accreditation bodies. In our activities, we comply with the principles of independence and impartiality. We do everything to ensure the maintenance and development of our specific qualifications and accreditations, the quality of our services, testing methods and equipment.

Trust, dignity, conscientiousness and social cooperation: employees of the TÜV NORD GROUP adhere to these four fundamental values of business ethics in their dealings with one another, their partners and clients. All their actions and thinking is based on the underlying values of independence, responsibility and integrity.

Values and success belong together.

The standard terms of service provided by TÜV Eesti OÜ can be found in the column below. Standard Terms and Conditions of TÜV Eesti form an integral part of all our contracts and approved quotes.

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