Periodic Technical Inspection of vehicles

    1. Periodic Technical Inspection
    2. PTI of vehicles


Our station of Technical Inspection of vehicles performs roadworthiness tests of vehicles (including the vehicles for the international transportations).

Our station has the Accreditation Certificate no. Е069 issued by the Estonian Accreditation Center.

The station has two modern stands for testing the technical state of vehicles on conformity of normative requirements.

We perform the PTI in following vehicle categories:

  • L Motorbike
  • M1 car ≤ 9 seats
  • M2 Bus > 9 seats and gross weight ≤ 5 T
  • M3 Buss > 9 seats and gross weight > 5 T
  • N1 Truck gross weight ≤ 3,5 T
  • N2 Truck gross weight > 3,5t ≤ 12 T
  • N3 Truck gross weight > 12 T
  • O1 Light trailer gross weight ≤ 0,75 T
  • O2 Trailer gross weight > 0,75 T ≤ 3,5 T
  • O3 Trailer gross weight > 3,5 T ≤ 10 T
  • O4 Trailer gross weight > 10 T
  • T, R, LM Tractors, Road machinery
  • TH Tractor trailers
  • Euro 3,4,5 Certificate
  • ADR Hazardous material
  • Taxi, a special purpose 

Re-Inspection is free of charge for cars

We also perform the periodical control of tachographs.

Our station is open Mon -Fri 9.00-18.00; Sat 10.00-13.30, Sun closed

Contact us

TÜV Eesti OÜ

Vana-Narva mnt 24b
74114 Maardu, Estonia

+372 637 9122

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